Delrin Washer

Acetal Washer is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties which bridge the gap between metals and plastics.

Delrin possesses high tensile strength, creep resistance and toughness.It also exhibits low moisture absorption.

  • Size:8mm whole diameter
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Nylon Washer

Nylon Washer are lightweight alternative to standard metallic washers.These washers provide excellent insulation properties.

Nylon Washer can also be use in chemical industries because of their high resistance to harsh corrosive substances because the functionality of nylon includes anti friction capabilities and also used for fastneres.

  • Size 4mm whole diameter and 1mm thick
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Black Nylon Washer

The Black Nylon Washer are resistant to chemicals such as petroleum and oil products that's why they are used to assemble engine parts.

The Black Nylon Spacers are mostly used in low cost insulators for many electrical and electronic equipments.Nylon Washers find their used in the prevention of electrolyitc erosion.

  • Size 5mm whole diameter and 1.5 mm thick
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Nylon Washer

Nylon Spacers are used in petrochemical industries to secure equipments and machines such as chemical storage tanks, heat exchangers, compression equipment and even in the fired heaters and boilers.

Nylon Washers are chosen because of their ability to resistant to rust.

  • Size 25mm whole diameter and 10mm length
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Nylon Ring Washer

Nylon Ring Sapcers are used in Aerospace/military, automative, construction, marine, and pumbing applications.

Nylon must be moisture resistant that are suitable for marine applications.

  • Size 25mm whole diameter and 25mm length
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