PCB Mounting Spacer

PCB Supports/Spacers are available in Push-In, Lock-In, and Lock Mountable styles.

They are ideally used for PCB packaging and stacking applications.

These Spacers/Supports are available in seven popular styles.

Mounting Spacers are easily installed and reusable for repairs, spacrs/supports lock-fir to the chasisvamd either lock-fit or tension-fit to the PCB.

Spacers/Supports are durable and lightweight.They feature one-piece molded construction which ensures consistent, close tolerance dimensions and high strength.

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Plastic Coated Screw and Nut

A screw is a type of fatsener sometimes similar to a bolt and cahracterized by a helical ridge knbown as male thread.

A Nylon Nut also referred as a Nylon-Insert Lock Nut, Polymer-Insert Lock Nut or Elastic Stop Nut is a kind of locknut with a nylon collar insert that resists turning. The plastic insert is palced at the end of the nut, with an inner diameter slighlty smaller than the major diameter of the screw.

The nylon insert locks the nut by friction against the screw under the apllied radial comprehensive force. Nylonb Nuts retain their locking ability up to 250°F.

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Plastic Rivet

A Rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. A Plastic Rivet can support tension loads.

Rivet consists of smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. The head oppposte to the end is called 'tail'.

To distinguish between the two ends of the rivets, the original head is called factory head and the deformed head is called shop-head or buck tail.

  • Available in size of 3mm
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Din Rail Clamp

A Din Rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and inudstrial control equipment inside equipment racks.

There are three major types of Din Rail Clamp:Top hat section with hat shape cross section, C section, G section

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Cable Gland

A Cable Gland is a device designed to attach and secure the end of an electrical cable to the equipment.

Cable Glands are mechanical cable entry devices.

Cable Glands can be used for sealing cables passing through bulkheads or gland paltes.

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